Weekly Summary

Weekly Summary-Weeks 3&4

This is a combined weekly summary for weeks 3 & 4 because of Hurricane Florence.

I wrote about what makes a story interesting. 

I made a character named James.  She is not your typical superhero!

I did three writing assignments. The first one is about the extras in the show Brooklyn 99. The second one is a letter to my future self (feels very applicable as I enter my final year of college.) The third writing assignment I did was a letter to my mother,(4 stars) from the point of view of my character James. I thought insight into her mother (and therefore childhood) would give some much needed backstory!

The second week:

I made daily creates!

Daily Creates Week 3 & 4


I made a photoblitz! It was a bit unusual and I am not sure if I did it correctly-but I did my best. Some of them are kinda silly!

For my assignments, I gave a room tour. 

I introduced you to my family. 

I showed you my “Places of Peace

I showed you my bucket list!

James showed you what is in her bag. 

These visual assignments were fun to do! I was able to find ones that all went together, so I liked having the consistency i what I made this week. The photoblitz was different and kind of stressful, but it made for some interesting photos!

Lastly, I discussed if I am a photographer and analyzing videography and photography. 


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