Weekly Summary

Weekly Summary-Week 5

My oh my, what a week!

I found out how much sound effects change a television show or movie. I also realized how many sounds are in my every day life! Check out my audio reflection.

Then, I listened to my first radio show and also had my first live tweeting experience. It was different than I expected. Hard to concentrate when there is nothing to look at! This was my tweet along.

I learned what a radio bumper is this week! It’s amazing how everything has a word for it, even if you didn’t think it needed/had a word!

I did a whole bunch of audio assignments! This week has been the hardest so far because I have absolutely ZERO experience with audio editing. So, it was a steep learning curve but I did the best I could. There was some things I would have liked to tweak more, but I just don’t have the skills right now. My final products were a lot better than my first tries at them, so I’ll take it! My audio assignments consisted of City Street, Do You Know What’s Happening, Silly Repetitions, and an Over Dramatic Reading, from my character’s point of view. Whew! That was a lot.

I wrote up some ideas for a radio show surrounding our theme.

And last but not least, I made 3 Daily Creates this week!

This week was hard because I don’t have any experience with audio editing, and I also hate the sound of my own voice! Luckily I was able to do more assignments with sounds and not my own voice recording. I’m nervous for when we have to do a radio show. I’m going to hate hearing myself!





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