Weekly Summary

My Plan for My Final Project

Whew! What a semester it has been. I have been looking back at everything I have made this year, specifically involving my character, James, to get inspiration for my final project. As a business major, I really struggle with open ended, creative, assignments, so this class, especially this final, has really pushed me out of my comfort zone to learn and try new things.

For my final project, I will combine three different types of medias. There will be an “off screen” action, as was common in Greek Dramas, where James will save someone very heroically, and publicly. Usually, when she saves someone, they don’t know who she is. But this time, she was “caught”. There will be a news story done about the instance (that I will share via Youtube). Then, she will be asked to go on a radio show, and she decides that this will be a good way to control her image and sway people from figuring out the truth. (This will be posted on sound cloud). Then, there will be an article in the local newspaper that comes out (This will be written straight onto WordPress). This is combining audio, digital, and writing into one project. Lastly, to tie them all together, they will be embedded in one article written by Bumblefeed (this world’s Buzzfeed) that is speculating the truth about her.

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