• Daily Create

    Daily Creates-Week 12

    This week we had to do two daily creates. The first daily create was to think of a modern day Sadie Hawkins dance. I think I thought of a pretty accurate thing to relate it to! Seems like I may have had someone in disbelief, or maybe just interested themselves. There are some dating apps where the women have to message the men first, it can't happen the other way around, so that feels like a modern day Sadie Hawkins #tdc2498 #ds106 — Richelle Holnick (@RichelleHolnick) November 14, 2018 The other daily create I did was to draw something figurative as literal. This was hard for me because I do…

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    Daily Create Week 10

    My uncle is convinced that (the ghosts of) his uncle knock pictures on walls in his house askew and that his mother fixes them. However, I'm a skeptic #tdc2485 #ds106 — Richelle Holnick (@RichelleHolnick) November 1, 2018 I do not believe in ghosts, but many do, including my uncle! He’s convinced that my grandmom and her brother are always fighting over the pictures on his walls. (IF they were-why? Don’t they have anything better to do???) My favorite is Stitch (the one in a t shirt I stole from another teddy bear), my mom put the cheers on him as a joke for this picture (he's kept at home for…

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    Daily Creates Week 9

    Daily Creates week 9! As a story! First, let’s start by meeting our main character, Mary the Monster. Mary the Monster! #tdc2478 pic.twitter.com/i4vVTe59eR — Richelle Holnick (@RichelleHolnick) October 25, 2018 She doesn’t seem so scary, right? She always gets a bad rap for being a monster! So, to help her and her monster friends out, she goes on visits to elementary schools to meet kids. That way, they can see she isn’t so scary after all. She likes to talk about her favorite holiday, Halloween! One year I was a a witch who fell off her broom because I was in a cast-if it is noticeable, might as well incorporate…

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    Daily Creates Week 8

    #tdc2472 #ds106 pic.twitter.com/9LF152GfId — Richelle Holnick (@RichelleHolnick) October 18, 2018 What’s in the future? Graduation!! #tdc2473 #ds106 pic.twitter.com/7aLoEyxZC1 — Richelle Holnick (@RichelleHolnick) October 19, 2018 I made this in Canva, I thought it was pretty funny!

  • Weekly Summary

    Weekly Summary Week 7

    This week was so hard because midterms is such a stressful time! But, it was nice to do audio assignments again since I now felt a bit more comfortable with audio assignments and felt like I could improve upon my skills and it was a bit easier to do the work. I did 10 stars worth of audio assignments, the first was Making a Noise¬†, the next was the Myth of Apollo, and lastly my commercial. I did some daily creates! I made a promo of my group’s radio show. I feel like it really conveys a sense of what we are trying to go for with our name and…

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    Daily Creates Week 7

    #tdc2463 #ds106 it's that spooky time of year! pic.twitter.com/VJHsc2JIFH — Richelle Holnick (@RichelleHolnick) October 10, 2018 This was funny and silly, I found the photo my chance and it just seemed to me like they were doing the Thriller dance. Plus, it’s October, so it fits very well! Worst job ever? Being a waitress, people are routinely rude to you, it's high stress, and a lot of people are terrible tippers! #tdc2465 #ds106 pic.twitter.com/dXez50oUqc — Richelle Holnick (@RichelleHolnick) October 11, 2018 What’s the worst job ever? Waitressing. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it’s such a common job, but a lot of people do not look fondly back on their years…

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    Daily Create Week 6

    me trying to finish all my work this week #ilovelucy #tdc2457 #ds106 pic.twitter.com/yIvc7KnD0R — Richelle Holnick (@RichelleHolnick) October 4, 2018 To make myself a part of a class TV show, I chose this classic scene from I Love Lucy because it accurately describes how I feel trying to do all of my work this week! Just one after another and I can’t keep up! Once I saw this video, I haven't been able to get them out of my mind (unfortunately) #tdc2458 #ds106 pic.twitter.com/cyheMdnaU8 — Richelle Holnick (@RichelleHolnick) October 5, 2018 What would be terrorizing NYC work with? This. If you haven’t seen the video, it’s worth a watch. Actually,…

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    Daily Creates Week 5

    On Monday I stated that I didn’t want to survive the apocalypse instead of stating what I would bring to my bunker to survive it. A bit pessimistic, but it’s the truth! Have you seen the walking dead? The Hunger Games? No thank you!! Then, I had to describe what my age was with a chronological metaphor. This is pretty obvious if you ask me! This is all I've done since my birthday #ds106 #tdc2449 pic.twitter.com/1BVoauSxxn — Richelle Holnick (@RichelleHolnick) September 26, 2018 I do not get outside much, so I didn’t have any weird noises to record! I had a little fun with it, and recorded the sound of…

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    Daily Creates Week 3 & 4

    Week 3 I only did one daily create because I was traveling for New York. I was helping put on a summit at the United Nations for my summer internship! Because of this, I did extra during week 4. I had a gremlin in my computer I thought of who I would reach out to I talked like a pirate I made some monster sounds! Suns out buns out…these kinds of buns, right?