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    Final Project Summary

    For my final project, the story unfolded over four separate posts. They are all linked in the last post, which was an interview with my character. For this project, I created a news cast to start the story, using the video skills I gained this semester. The video is introducing what happened and having the person who was saved appear. Then, I created a radio show, which was talking to a witness. This relied on the audio skills I learned this semester. After these two, the public still didn’t know who had saved Linda. This is when it is revealed in a newspaper article, this was both a writing assignment…

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    My Plan for My Final Project

    Whew! What a semester it has been. I have been looking back at everything I have made this year, specifically involving my character, James, to get inspiration for my final project. As a business major, I really struggle with open ended, creative, assignments, so this class, especially this final, has really pushed me out of my comfort zone to learn and try new things. For my final project, I will combine three different types of medias. There will be an “off screen” action, as was common in Greek Dramas, where James will save someone very heroically, and publicly. Usually, when she saves someone, they don’t know who she is. But…

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    Weekly Summary Week 11

    This week it’s been so rainy, it made it easier to make my videos! Last week I chose to do the video assignments, so this week I was doing more of them. I made some daily creates. I created a video for getting to know my character, James, I did a silly weather forecast, I did a product review of pens, and I put it in reverse! This week was on of our lighter work loads which was nice since I had a lot of projects due this week! TGIF!  

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    Weekly Summary Week 10

    I made some daily creates! I did 12 stars worth of video assignments, I Like It Like That mashup, A Day in the Life, Signing Words, Apocalypse Sock, and Countdown to Christmas. 12 stars felt like a lot to get to this week so I was a busy busy bee! Maybe that’s what I should have been for Christmas! Lastly, I did a video essay. This was one of the most fun things that we have done this semester!

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    Weekly Summary Week 9

    How has it been nine weeks already? That really flew by! This week we got to listen to everyone’s radio shows! Hearing mine on the radio was a weird experience. On Wednesday I listened to another group’s and reflected on it. For the web assignments this week I designed my dream room, I helped teach Google how to recognize images, and I created an Instagram for my character, James. I made a story out of my daily creates. It isn’t the most creative because of the daily creates that I did this week, but it’s short and sweet. Lastly, I wanted to know what the weather this week would be. This…

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    Weekly Summary Week 8

    I did some fun daily creates! I really like my “dog’s on the internet one” it took a little longer than most daily creates but it was worth it because I think it looks really good! I made a bumper in the voice of my character, James.  I like bumpers better than commercials I think! We completed our radio show!!!

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    Weekly Summary Week 7

    This week was so hard because midterms is such a stressful time! But, it was nice to do audio assignments again since I now felt a bit more comfortable with audio assignments and felt like I could improve upon my skills and it was a bit easier to do the work. I did 10 stars worth of audio assignments, the first was Making a Noise , the next was the Myth of Apollo, and lastly my commercial. I did some daily creates! I made a promo of my group’s radio show. I feel like it really conveys a sense of what we are trying to go for with our name and…

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    Weekly Summary Week 6

    I wrote all about the things that I had wrongly assumed about design! I did 12 stars worth of assignments, included the Un-Motivational Poster, James Backpack, Get Out, and Four Icons Make a Story. Made some silly Daily Creates! I did a Design Blitz. This week had really intimidated me because it just sounded like it would be harder than the previous weeks had been. Also, I had a test this week that was worth 40% of my grade so I had put off doing most of my digital storytelling work until later in the week because I was so stressed about my test! But luckily I was able to complete…

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    Weekly Summary-Week 5

    My oh my, what a week! I found out how much sound effects change a television show or movie. I also realized how many sounds are in my every day life! Check out my audio reflection. Then, I listened to my first radio show and also had my first live tweeting experience. It was different than I expected. Hard to concentrate when there is nothing to look at! This was my tweet along. I learned what a radio bumper is this week! It’s amazing how everything has a word for it, even if you didn’t think it needed/had a word! I did a whole bunch of audio assignments! This week…

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    Weekly Summary-Weeks 3&4

    This is a combined weekly summary for weeks 3 & 4 because of Hurricane Florence. I wrote about what makes a story interesting.  I made a character named James.  She is not your typical superhero! I did three writing assignments. The first one is about the extras in the show Brooklyn 99. The second one is a letter to my future self (feels very applicable as I enter my final year of college.) The third writing assignment I did was a letter to my mother,(4 stars) from the point of view of my character James. I thought insight into her mother (and therefore childhood) would give some much needed backstory! The…