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This is my first time listening to a radio show, and my first time live tweeting!

Oh, this isn’t Downton Abbey?

Someone suggested it was the accents, which yes for sure, but also I do think it had a lot to do with the sound effects! Many were the same.

Have you ever thought about beeps in movies/television/radio shows? I hadn’t, but now I can’t stop! Hospitals, airports, intercoms, various machines. Do you have any that you can think of? There are so many unique ones!

So, I guess my attention span isn’t that great, or at least is very tied to visual things! I was finding it hard to concentrate on the story without having something to look at! Even a picture or drawing representing the show would have helped! Starring at the wall felt awkward, looking at everyone’s tweets was fine, but otherwise I kept being temped to just scroll on my computer. So, as a follow up, I asked what everyone was looking at!

Then I actually tweeted about the content of the show again. I wasn’t quite sure what we were supposed to be tweeting about, so I just went with whatever came to mind through the hour!

I was shocked that he would ask his brother’s fiance to run away with him!

That wraps it up for my live tweeting! Listening to the radio like this was an interesting experience. I mostly (if ever now) use it for music, when I was younger I would sometimes listen to the talk shows on the radio in the morning while getting ready for school, but that was only the morning shows that they have on the music stations where they talk for a few minutes every once and awhile. I still remember it, Elvis and the morning show! On Q102 (a top 40 station based out of Philly).

Thanks for reading and tweeting along with me!

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