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The Weather Forecast

I did a silly weather forecast for this assignment. It was supposed to be as if I was a weatherman, but I could make it silly, so I did! However, I didn’t have anyone to film me, and it came out really awkward if I just used my computer to film it with me standing up, so I did it this way instead. But, I think it added to the silliness of it! If I did it again I might play around with having a rain cloud come on the screen or something like that. I’m not sure how I would achieve that, so it would take some research first!

Stay dry out there friends!

This is the What’s the Weather in Your Neck of the Woods assignment worth 2 stars.

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  • Paul

    There are ways to overlay images in iMovie, and there’s a picture in a picture option, but the hand-drawn images work well for the silliness factor. I think adding some titles and backing sound would have taken it to the next level.

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