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The Myth of Apollo

Listen before reading

This is the story of Apollo. He was born, it was beautiful, he played the lyre, then Zeus came (he did some bad things-hence the thunder!). But, in the end, it was okay again and he played the lyre and lived happily ever after.

For this assignment, I had to tell a story using only sounds and no words. Did you get that story from the sounds? Probably not, but with the context of Apollo and his life, does that help? Here is a link to the myth of Apollo if you are interested. It was my inspiration for this assignment.

I feel like this could be a fun little segment to put on the radio show! Maybe I could play it as an intro to the story of Apollo. For this radio show, or one in the future if we do more, it could be fun to have all of our character’s pretend they are in an English class together and be discussing different folklore stories.

This was the Sound Effects Story worth 4 stars.

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