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Ridgefield’s Daily News

For the last part of my trilogy of a story, I have written a cover story on my character, James. She has been the talk of the town this week as she (accidentally) saved Linda Lamplight from falling to her death. James prefers to stay under the radar, and never wants anyone to know who she is. She talked about this in her radio show that was done earlier in the semester, where she was in group therapy with other supernatural beings. She does not wish to be a hero, but can never seem to escape it because her companion is always steering her in the direction of impending danger, so that James can save them. She is usually thwarting bad guys in her time away from school, and they aren’t exactly going to run off and tell anyone that they were stopped by some young girl. So saving Linda was a step in a different direction for her, and ultimately led to her blowing her cover.

I had the idea to write a news article as one of my elements, just as a writing assignment. I then realized however, that I could use some design skills as well and create it to actually look like the cover page of a newspaper. I used Canva to help me with this, but all of the writing is my own. I found a picture labeled for reuse to be the cover photo, it is supposed to look like the undercover reporter took it while trailing her. The photo in the bottom corner is a photo of Canva’s, I thought it was funny to have a nod on that side to the different elements and storylines of other classmates or the theme in general.

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