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The first of my projects for our final project is a newscast. A story is unfolding about my character, James, where she has saved someone from falling off a building, but no one knows it is her yet. This story is going to unfold across multiple mediums, and I’m excited to see it come to life!

For this, I created an intro and closing graphic, which goes along with “ireport” music from iMovie. It then cuts to Tammy Toon, the newscaster telling the viewers about what is known is far about the story. Then there is a commercial break, advertising for a tree cage. It seemed seasonally appropriate, and a bit funny. Then, it cuts to the guest, Linda Lamper, who is the woman that was saved by James. She is flustered but grateful to have been saved and wants the world to find her hero so that she can properly thank her. (Tammy and Linda look alike-let’s just ignore that!) Finally, it goes back to Tammy, the news anchor, and she wraps up the story by asking for anyones information about the event, and giving the tip phone line number. It ends on the closing graphic about the news station. EDF Evening News (Instead of ABC-I tried to be a little funny with all the names of my stations and such.)



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  • Paul

    This is great. I like the way you use the intro, music and commercial to simulate a news broadcast. I wonder if you could push it further and use one of the title functions in imovie as a Chyron substitute to add words to the screen – Breaking News with Tammy Toon or something like that. I look forward to seeing the rest of it unfold.

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