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Meet James

James McArthur would love to be nothing more than your average girl. But, you can already see that she isn’t. For goodness sakes, her parents named her James! Her mom wanted her to be ‘different’ and ‘special’ but she wants nothing of the sort. Growing up she just went by Jamie so that she could blend in more, but ever since Blake Lively named her daughter James, people have come around to it. Besides her name, James fits in pretty well. She’s of medium height, not particularly plump or strong, no bones to show either. Her hair is a mousy brown, falling straight as a ruler down her back.

James is currently in college, just trying to get through her days unscathed. But, it never seems quite possible. While trying to stay out of trouble and keep her head down, she somehow ends up in the path of someone else’s troubles. See, the thing I haven’t mentioned yet, is that James descends from a long line of female superheroes. It started a few centuries ago with her viking ancestors. They weren’t super heroes, just very strong and unusually gifted. They passed this on to their daughters, and when her family moved to America, they found it their responsibility to keep their communities safe, since they were much stronger than their new feeble neighbors. Over the years, they started to develop powers, probably from all the pollution of their new town.

So, in the present day, we have James, just an above average girl trying her hardest to reject her lineage. But, she has the ghost of her great, great, great, great grandmother telling her when there is someone who needs help saving that day. James tries her best to void going to save them-that would be the opposite of staying under the radar, but somehow, she always accidentally ends up there and able to help anyway.

Will she stay under the radar or will she give in and save the day? Stay tuned.

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