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Hi guys!

So this is my tutorial for how to do ‘Create Finsta Instagram’.

So this is the description for the assignment: “Create an alternate Instagram page that depicts you as another character unlike yourself! Post an intro post that describes the character you have describe to be.”

When I completed this assignment, I did it as a way to give my character, James, an Instagram. So instead of doing an Instagram around an alternate personality, I did it around my her!

In order to do this, I needed to create more of a story for her. What in her every day life would she want to put on Instagram? How do I make it follow the narrative that I have set for her, and how do I do it while adding more information so that the class continues to learn more about my character every time that I post about her? So I sat down and wrote out some ideas, and then took to Google!

I searched for photos that are labeled for reuse, which you can do by going into “Tools” and then “Usage Rights” and selecting which one you want on Google Images. It’s super helpful to find non-copyrighted pictures! And to prevent you from having to use images of yourself so that it feels more ‘real’. I searched for things around the story that I made. Since she is supposed to be a Freshmen in college, I did a photo of just her with some info, one from her graduation, a throwback where we learn that she has a younger brother, her on the softball team, her birthday, and then a general Instagram-artsy picture, all with different captions that allow the readers to gain more of an understanding of James and her voice.

To create the Instagram I used a different email than the one for my real Insta, named it after her (which was actually taken so I had to add a few random numbers), uploaded a profile picture, followed a few people, and then put a caption with a fake college.

And that is that! It’s pretty simple.

Here is what my fake Instagram looks like:

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