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Getting to Know James Video

For this assignment, I chose to do the Get to Know You video, but for my character James. I feel like I had a good vision for her, but it would have come across more in writing than the digital part, so I’m trying to work on that! So, I did a get to know you video as if people were asking her questions after her appearance on DS106 radio!

I filmed with my my computer, and then edited it in Imovie. I used a song from Imovie called ‘Yearbook’ because it felt like the appropriate vibe for this video! I had recorded it kind of quietly without realizing, so I had to play around with the sound levels of the videos. I ended up having my audio on 400% and the song on 9%. I decided to put the questions up on the screen as I read them because I felt that it made the video feel more like something a Youtuber would produce! I’m pretty happy with the end result of my video!

This assignment was the Get to Know Me video worth 5 stars.

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