Assignment Bank,  Weekly Summary

Final Project Summary

For my final project, the story unfolded over four separate posts. They are all linked in the last post, which was an interview with my character.

For this project, I created a news cast to start the story, using the video skills I gained this semester. The video is introducing what happened and having the person who was saved appear.

Then, I created a radio show, which was talking to a witness. This relied on the audio skills I learned this semester.

After these two, the public still didn’t know who had saved Linda. This is when it is revealed in a newspaper article, this was both a writing assignment and a visual assignment as I tried to make it look like a newspaper.

To wrap it all up, I had my character due an interview. This was like a written assignment, but it was serving the function of tying in the other things I had created as I linked to all of them.

I chose to work alone for this project because I felt like I wanted to be able to close out the semester telling a story about just my character. Up until this point, I had done posts where we were able to learn about the character, but had not actually witnessed her save anyone, so I wanted to.

Thinking through how to tell this story over a variety of mediums had been hard for me at first, but I like the way that it all came together. I think I made it pretty easy to follow and watch it unfold.


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