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Who is James McArthur?

By Bumblefeed Uncovered

The nation’s attention has been captured by the story of the rescue of Linda Lamplight in Ridgefield. It was first brought to the public’s attention through a news story. 

Then, during a radio show with a witness, someone called in, possibly knowing who the hero was, as they were previously unidentified.

Then in a shocking reveal, we found out who the hero is. Her name is James McArthur. The Ridgefield Daily Newspaper broke this story.

But today, we have James here with us for an interview.

Reporter: Hi there James, how are you?

James: I’m good, how are you?

Reporter: I’m great. Now let’s get down to business. What happened earlier this week?

James: Well, I was walking downtown and heard a scream. I looked up, and a woman was falling.

Reporter: Yes, but what happened next.

James: Well, I, ugh, caught her.

Reporter: Caught her? but how?

James: Well, I guess you could say I flew up and caught her in the air, to be exact.

Reporter: Wow, that’s really incredible. And how were you able to do this?

James: I have some unusual powers.

Reporter: Powers? What do you mean?

James: I come from a long line of women who can do things most people can’t. We can fly, we are very strong, that type of thing.

Reporter: Wow! That’s fascinating. Are there others like your family?

James: Yes, there is a whole world of that lives in parallel with regular humans that they just don’t pay attention to. It’s what explains the unexplainable.

Reporter: I see. But you’re a student at the university here, right?

James: Yes, that’s right.

Reporter: So is that a cover? Why are you in school?

James: I’m in school because I want to be! I love learning, and I wanted to branch out on my own away from my family. I’m just like anyone else. I’ll need to get a degree and get a job.

Reporter: I see, is there anyone else that you think would like to do an interview?

James: No, I don’t think so. In fact, I think they will be pretty mad that I did this one.

Reporter: Then why did you?

James: Well, there had been a little man following me around all week and I was sick of it. Also, you guys had already figured out part of the story, so I thought I would stop the gossip if I just came and did an interview.

Reporter: Well, thank you James. This has been lovely.

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