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A Letter for My Mother

Dear Mother,

Now that I have gone away to college, I have had time to think and reflect on our relationship. I know we have had our share of problems, but I hope in the future we are able to start getting past them.

Growing up, I don’t think you realized how hard it was for me to have my mother constantly bailing on our plans and never being available. I eventually learned the reason why. You weren’t a bad mother, you didn’t not like me, but you were being called off to help someone else in need. Even with that truth, it was still very hard for me to deal with. I needed you too! But you never understood. But, how could you? You feel that this is your calling.

This is not my calling. Which is also something you will never understand. I hope you can forgive me for that, as I have forgiven you for bringing me into a world as a freak, as a super human. One day you will see, I was just not meant for this life.

I hope this letter doesn’t upset you, I just want you to know that I love you, and want to work on things. Maybe you can come visit sometime.

All my love,



(This assignment was the To Your Mom assignment worth 4 stars.)

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