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Get Out

I created a minimalist movie poster! This is for the movie Get Out, which was a really popular thriller last year! The symbol I chose for it was the teacup, because it is a key symbol of the movie. It is used to hypnotize people before harvesting their bodies. So, while a teacup it’s self is innocent, it’s use, and depiction here, is actually pretty sinister!

I wanted to do the white border around it but i couldn’t find a simple border on Canva (the program I used to make this with), so I had to actually make the border myself. The teacup was a free image that Canva provided me with. I chose the font “Computer Says No” for the typography because it fit the feel of the message. It’s not a classic horror film, so I did not want to use a font such as the Dracula font, I just wanted something simple, but not necessarily friendly! Plus, I also really liked the name of it.

This was the Minimalist Tv/Movie Poster assignment worth 3.5 stars.

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