• Weekly Summary

    Weekly Summary-Weeks 3&4

    This is a combined weekly summary for weeks 3 & 4 because of Hurricane Florence. I wrote about what makes a story interesting.  I made a character named James.  She is not your typical superhero! I did three writing assignments. The first one is about the extras in the show Brooklyn 99. The second one is a letter to my future self (feels very applicable as I enter my final year of college.) The third writing assignment I did was a letter to my mother,(4 stars) from the point of view of my character James. I thought insight into her mother (and therefore childhood) would give some much needed backstory! The…

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    DS106 Photography

    I picked a video of a ship approaching, a scene from one of the Pirates in the Caribbean movies. There was some perspective, with the ship rising up and crashing down while the camera was very zoomed in and titled up from the bottom.     Moment-they captured Elizabeth popping up right on time with the ship popping up after we had watched and gotten used to the pattern of the ship as it moves across the waves. There is much depth to the stills from this video. The lighting is dark, ominous almost. There isn’t much else going on in this video.

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    Photo Blitzer!

    Here are my photo blitzer results: Here are the photos I was able to take! Forced perspective, this is actually a mini pumpkin! The edge of a knife—-this was the sharpest I have! Repeating geometric shapes Intricate details of a hand Abandoned or discarded—she looks like she was abandoned on the side of the road somewhere.

  • Daily Create

    Daily Creates Week 3 & 4

    Week 3 I only did one daily create because I was traveling for New York. I was helping put on a summit at the United Nations for my summer internship! Because of this, I did extra during week 4. I had a gremlin in my computer I thought of who I would reach out to I talked like a pirate I made some monster sounds! Suns out buns out…these kinds of buns, right?

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    What’s in My Bag?

    My bag is pretty boring! I have some pens and a notebook for class. A computer of all internet-related activities. Keys for my house and car. A necklace passed down from my grandmother. I don’t like necklaces, they can get in the way, so I like to keep it in my bag to keep it close to me. All in my tiny black backpack. I travel pretty light, you never know when you’re going to be on the run!   This was a Visual Assignment done for the week from the perspective of my character, James.

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    Room Tour

      So these are photos that I just took of my room. At first I was like, oh I should clean! But then I realized that is not a very accurate perception of who I am as a person. So I decided to just let it be. The first photo is my bed. I have lots of comfy pillows, but they are usually thrown all around my bed and the floor (oops). You can see the wood garland string I have hung up that I impulse bought a few weeks ago. It’s so cute! I haven’t decorated other than that thought because I just never have the time. I’m only…

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    The Holnick House

    The Holnick House is a rip off of the Brady Bunch! This is my family. There’s my mom, Cathy. I asked her for a photo and she took a selfie in the mirror-how silly! My father Steve, featured in one of his favorite shirts. My cat Mia, laying down as always. My brother Alex. He’s two years older than me. And then there’s me, Richelle! I do not think we are very much like the Brady Bunch at all, but I do remember watching it in hotels while eating krimpets (a very delicious TastyKake if you have never heard of them!) when I was young. This was a visual assignment…

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    Places of Peace

    This is the collage I made that is showing my personal places of peace. The biggest photo I have is the barn that the horse I am leasing lives in. Going to the barn is a chance for me to unwind from my day and get away from all of my stress! The top photo of the row is my office, and the window that I have. Being able to get a lot of natural sunlight and look out onto campus is very peaceful for me! It helps me keep my sanity. The third photo is my favorite mug, it says “jet set” because I love to travel. It’s a…

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    Bucket List

    This is my bucket list! I want to write a book because it seems fun and rewarding. I want to live in Italy because I loved studying abroad there. I want to visit Hollywood because I would love to see the sets and stuff, especially of my favorite show Gilmore Girls! It’s my only opportunity to ‘go’ to Stars Hollow! And lastly I want to learn to ride a bike. I sort of know how to, but honestly I really don’t. I just don’t have the opportunity to learn because I don’t want to buy a bike just to learn how to ride it! Well, I hope that gives you…

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    Am I a Photographer?

    I take a lot of photos. I feel like most people in my generation take a lot of photos each and every day. I sent over 100,000 Snapchats since downloading the app alone. This doesn’t count what I put on my story-and I usually post on my Snapchat and Instagram story at least once a day. For a Snapchat I am sending to someone else, I might take the photo once or twice, the quality of the photo doesn’t have to be very good. For a photo I am posting on my story, I might take it somewhere between 1 and 5 times. When moving to taking a photo to…